My Birthday and World Earth day!

Yup! Today is my 14th Birthday, making me a Taurus! Isn’t it great? With my parents, best friends, and my cousins, it won’t be so lonely. I can’t wait for the celebration to begin.

It is also World Earth day at the same time. Try as much as you can to reduce, reuse and recycle. Switch off any electrical appliances or machines when not in use. Turn off the tap and don’t waste water. By each person’s effort, we can make our world a better, healthier and happier place to live! 😀


Happy Birthday Irma and Elyon!

Happy Birthday to Irma and Elyon! Wow! Your Birthdays are on the same day? Wishing you two a bright day!

Happy Birthday Will!

Happy Birthday Will! May this day be sweet for you. All Will fans, decorate your rooms with frogs… just kidding! 😀