My Birthday and World Earth day!

Yup! Today is my 14th Birthday, making me a Taurus! Isn’t it great? With my parents, best friends, and my cousins, it won’t be so lonely. I can’t wait for the celebration to begin.

It is also World Earth day at the same time. Try as much as you can to reduce, reuse and recycle. Switch off any electrical appliances or machines when not in use. Turn off the tap and don’t waste water. By each person’s effort, we can make our world a better, healthier and happier place to live! 😀



C.H.K.Y.N (Cassidy, Halinor, Kadma, Yan Lin and Nerissa), the old Guardians, controlled by Nerissa all along! Were they ‘Chicken’?

Cassidy was accidentally killed by Nerissa, for being the leader of the group. She was the water guardian, and loved anything related with water. She is almost like Irma, but a little mature.

Halinor was the ex-fire Guardian and started working in Candracar. She was the second one to be possessed by Nerissa.

Kadma was the ex-earth Guardian. She, now, is the Queen of the purple planet, Zambala, after the team broke up.

Yan Lin is Hay Lin’s grandmother, and the ex-air Guardian. She works in a Chinese restaurant in Heatherfield, and introduced the recent Guardians to the Heart of Candracar and Meridian. She was the last to be under Nerissa’s control, which made Hay Lin believe that Yan Lin doesn’t care about her.

Nerissa is the Guardian of Quintessence, and Caleb’s mother. After killing Cassidy, for possessing the Heart of Candracar, the Oracle had to put her behind bars. She now swears vengeance. She battles Will and the Guardians many times, until she can win. So, why did they have to place the ‘.N’ at the last?