Mysterious Sandra

In Season 1 Episode 7 (Divide and Conquer), the new girl, Sandra arrives at Sheffield Institute and gains attention and popularity, especially with the boys. This makes the W.I.T.C.H girls jealous, mostly Will.

I just don’t get it – After Sandra’s challenge with Will to win Matt, she was never seen again, or heard of in the later episodes. Wasn’t she the popular girl at school?


Where is…?

If you watch Season 1 Episode 17 (The Mogriffs) closely, you would find that when Caleb hides the Seal of Phobos behind his back, it vanishes when he bows to Elyon. Wouldn’t it be funny to know where it is now? 😀

Irma’s Skirt?

While watching Season 1 Episode 22 (Caleb’s Challenge), I’ve noticed that Irma has a turquoise skirt. Perhaps, it’s an error!