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April Fool’s!

Hey guys! Know what today is? It’s April Fool’s day! People play pranks on their friends, brothers or sisters or others. Here are some ideas:

  • When your ‘victim’ is asleep, sneak into their room and draw eyebrows and a mustache on their face. Make sure to be there when they look in the mirror.
  • Get up really early and sneak into your ‘victim’s bathroom and fill their hairdryer with baby powder. When they turn it on, their head will be pure white just like an old person!’
  • Suppose your friend has a huge crush and she’s bragging about it to you. When you see her crush, especially behind her, make sure she doesn’t look at where he is. Ask her to explain you more about him. The aim of the prank is to let him overhear the ‘victim’ (your friend). After finishing her lecture, act like you saw him just now, and that he’s behind her. She’ll be as red as a tomato! Perhaps, she may never brag again!
  • Glue a quarter or Dollar coin to the floor, or the ground in a busy place. Sit nearby and watch as the people try to pick it up.
  • Sneak up on your ‘victim’ while they are sleeping and put some shaving cream in their hand. Then tickle them on the nose with a feather and watch while they give themselves a face full of foam!
  • While the ‘victim’ is asleep, reset all the clocks ahead two hours. When they wake up, they will panic and think they overslept and are late for school or work.
  • Point at your ‘victim’s chest, acting like they have a spot on their shirt. When they look down, bring your finger up and flick their nose.
  • Find a scrap of cloth. Place a Dollar on the floor and stay nearby. When the victim comes by and bends down to pick up the dollar, rip the cloth loudly. Most people will reach back to see if they ripped their pants! 😀
  • (This is quiet hurtful, but it’s for your enemies) Have a voice recorder, and hold it behind you the next time your enemy insults you or says something horrible to you. After recording, call her boyfriend (if she has one), by stealing her phone and once he picks up the phone, play the recorded voice on the phone and he’ll be dumped (that’s what he’ll think)!


Watch Season 2 Episode 22 (Victory)! Phobos, in order to show his kindness and appreciation, brings Cornelia some lunch. But he also touches her hand, and as a result she freaks out! What do you think Caleb would do in this situation?

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I’m starting to think of posting funny W.I.T.C.H images or snapshots, once every month. Send me yours (if you have any ideas) by email.

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Elyon and Caleb in Love?

In the W.I.T.C.H comics, you’ll find that most of the time Caleb stands close to Elyon. He sometimes hugs… or kisses her. How would Cornelia react if she sees this? Couldn’t Elyon fall for Peter? So…who do you think Caleb deserves, Elyon or Cornelia?

(This isn’t my idea! I found it from this site,

Cornelia and Caleb

Cornelia and Caleb – a sweet couple! Here’s what I think:

Cornelia might be a bit cold or harsh around others, but on the inside, she can be very romantic. Caleb should also try to spend a little more time with her rather than fighting for Meridian or watching over Phobos. In Season 1, Cornelia hides her feelings from Caleb, until she discovers that he likes her as well. However, in Season 2, she gets very cross with Caleb for leaving her to protect the ‘Queen’, but later (when she found out that he would still do anything for her, like embarrassing himself while ice-skating or even dancing awkwardly) she accepts him the way he is, even sometimes addressing him as ‘Boyfriend’. The funny thing about the two is whenever Caleb gets into some sort of trouble, Cornelia’s always there to protect or save him. It may be odd, but she usually takes the lead in partnerships!

Magical Cornelia

Speaking of powers, everything is magically connected or related to Cornelia. Her best friend, Elyon is the Princess of Meridian, with super powers, and her sister Lillian is the Heart of Earth. That must be the reason why Cornelia was chosen to be the earth Guardian.