6 Things

I know that some of you are annoyed at Elyon for how naive she is. But she really should’ve realized some things on her own:

  • At first, she should’ve noticed the non-stop lightning in the dark Meridian sky around the castle.
  • Of course, she needed to calm down and listen to what her friends had to say, and figure out why the rebels never stopped fighting (I guess she was still in shock about the whole thing of being a princess from another world).
  • She needed to know some Greek or Latin words, because ‘Phobos’ means ‘Fright’ or ‘Phobia’.
  • In Season 1 Episode 14 (Parents’ Night), when Cornelia immobilized Cedric with vines, Cedric turns into his serpent being for a second to free himself from the vines. Elyon could’ve seen his face.
  • Elyon has immense powers, right? Why didn’t she use them to spy on Phobos (just like what he did to watch over her)?
  • She could’ve asked Miranda more about Meridian and its history.

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