Elyon and Caleb in Love?

In the W.I.T.C.H comics, you’ll find that most of the time Caleb stands close to Elyon. He sometimes hugs… or kisses her. How would Cornelia react if she sees this? Couldn’t Elyon fall for Peter? So…who do you think Caleb deserves, Elyon or Cornelia?

(This isn’t my idea! I found it from this site, http://disneyswitch.org/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=1091).


One Response to “Elyon and Caleb in Love?”

  1. Kandrakar Says:

    I think Caleb and Elyon is sweet – why would Elyon fall for Peter? Peter doesn’t even know Meridian, how is their relationship going to survive?

    Cornelia, although a part of her still loves Caleb, accepts the fact that Caleb and Elyon is together. And I admit, Caleb and Elyon is one of my most liked couples. Second favourite, in fact.

    Wasn’t there this issue – was it a special? – that Caleb and Elyon truly loves each other. Plus, there was another special where it’s revealed that Caleb and Cornelia would not be happy if they lived together.

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