Cornelia and Caleb

Cornelia and Caleb – a sweet couple! Here’s what I think:

Cornelia might be a bit cold or harsh around others, but on the inside, she can be very romantic. Caleb should also try to spend a little more time with her rather than fighting for Meridian or watching over Phobos. In Season 1, Cornelia hides her feelings from Caleb, until she discovers that he likes her as well. However, in Season 2, she gets very cross with Caleb for leaving her to protect the ‘Queen’, but later (when she found out that he would still do anything for her, like embarrassing himself while ice-skating or even dancing awkwardly) she accepts him the way he is, even sometimes addressing him as ‘Boyfriend’. The funny thing about the two is whenever Caleb gets into some sort of trouble, Cornelia’s always there to protect or save him. It may be odd, but she usually takes the lead in partnerships!


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