Happy Halloween!

Boo! Happy Halloween! Want some tips? Here you go:

  • Plan your route ahead of time.
  • Trick or treat in familiar neighborhoods.
  • Carry a flashlight with fresh batteries after dark.
  • Take along money for a phone call.
  • Wear identification that’s easy to read.
  • Always trick or treat in groups, accompanied by an adult.
  • Follow a curfew and take a watch with a backlight.
  • Stay on the sidewalks and out of the streets. Cross only at intersections and designated crosswalks.
  • Don’t run! Walk!.
  • Don’t trample through flower beds and gardens.
  • Watch out for open flames in jack-o-Lanterns.
  • Walk with your head up and be aware of your surroundings.
  • Only visit well lit houses. Don’t stop at dark houses.
  • Don’t enter any houses unless you know the people.
  • Carry a spare Halloween bag, in case yours breaks or you fill your original one.
  • Don’t approach unfamiliar pets and animals.
  • Don’t cut across yards and stay out of backyards.
  • Always watch for cars backing up or turning.
  • Review the ‘stop, drop and roll’ procedure in case your costume catches on fire.
  • Never accept rides from strangers.
  • Respect other people and their property.
  • Be polite and say ‘Thank you’.
  • Don’t eat any candy until it’s inspected for tampering under bright lights.
  • Avoid candy that has loose wrappings, is unwrapped, has puncture holes, or is homemade.
  • Small children should not be allowed hard candy they may choke on.
  • Report any suspicious or criminal activity to an adult or the police.
  • Consider having a party instead of Trick or Treating!

My Birthday and World Earth day!

Yup! Today is my 14th Birthday, making me a Taurus! Isn’t it great? With my parents, best friends, and my cousins, it won’t be so lonely. I can’t wait for the celebration to begin.

It is also World Earth day at the same time. Try as much as you can to reduce, reuse and recycle. Switch off any electrical appliances or machines when not in use. Turn off the tap and don’t waste water. By each person’s effort, we can make our world a better, healthier and happier place to live! 😀

Mysterious Sandra

In Season 1 Episode 7 (Divide and Conquer), the new girl, Sandra arrives at Sheffield Institute and gains attention and popularity, especially with the boys. This makes the W.I.T.C.H girls jealous, mostly Will.

I just don’t get it – After Sandra’s challenge with Will to win Matt, she was never seen again, or heard of in the later episodes. Wasn’t she the popular girl at school?

Weird Monthly Pictures 4

All Cornelia’s fans! Check this out!

‘Cook with Blunk’ Recipe 4

April Fool’s!

Hey guys! Know what today is? It’s April Fool’s day! People play pranks on their friends, brothers or sisters or others. Here are some ideas:

  • When your ‘victim’ is asleep, sneak into their room and draw eyebrows and a mustache on their face. Make sure to be there when they look in the mirror.
  • Get up really early and sneak into your ‘victim’s bathroom and fill their hairdryer with baby powder. When they turn it on, their head will be pure white just like an old person!’
  • Suppose your friend has a huge crush and she’s bragging about it to you. When you see her crush, especially behind her, make sure she doesn’t look at where he is. Ask her to explain you more about him. The aim of the prank is to let him overhear the ‘victim’ (your friend). After finishing her lecture, act like you saw him just now, and that he’s behind her. She’ll be as red as a tomato! Perhaps, she may never brag again!
  • Glue a quarter or Dollar coin to the floor, or the ground in a busy place. Sit nearby and watch as the people try to pick it up.
  • Sneak up on your ‘victim’ while they are sleeping and put some shaving cream in their hand. Then tickle them on the nose with a feather and watch while they give themselves a face full of foam!
  • While the ‘victim’ is asleep, reset all the clocks ahead two hours. When they wake up, they will panic and think they overslept and are late for school or work.
  • Point at your ‘victim’s chest, acting like they have a spot on their shirt. When they look down, bring your finger up and flick their nose.
  • Find a scrap of cloth. Place a Dollar on the floor and stay nearby. When the victim comes by and bends down to pick up the dollar, rip the cloth loudly. Most people will reach back to see if they ripped their pants! 😀
  • (This is quiet hurtful, but it’s for your enemies) Have a voice recorder, and hold it behind you the next time your enemy insults you or says something horrible to you. After recording, call her boyfriend (if she has one), by stealing her phone and once he picks up the phone, play the recorded voice on the phone and he’ll be dumped (that’s what he’ll think)!

Irma Sketch

Here’s an Irma sketch I found while browsing. Click to enlarge!

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